Unveiling the Original

original prints are the original art

Morning Fog Impression - digital painting for original prints - Dan Beck 2007

Morning Fog Impressiondigital painting for original art prints – Dan Beck 2007

I had the pleasure of seeing an artist’s linocuts over the weekend – both prints and the grooved linoleum itself. In his case – the plate is the reverse of the black and white he prints.

You can see where it is going, but it isn’t unveiled until it is printed. I have always liked that aspect of art – batik or masked sections of a painting getting removed, and all types of printing or firing (ceramics).

In a sense, there is an unveiling here as well. When I look at my finished digital painting – all the information is there – full detail and texture, but the monitor image is not the same as the printed image.

I am rarely disappointed – the printed image is like the unveiling.

The above piece hasn’t been printed and therefore isn’t even finished. And though it is the original art – (at least my version which was not saved for the web) it isn’t the original art until it becomes the original print.

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