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glimpse can present challenge, difference can be subtle

Gabilan Foothills - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Gabilan Foothillsoriginal digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

As I start writing today, I realize I was waiting to do a new digital painting before writing again in my blog. My current weblog is focused on original art and I wanted to feature something which was original in the sense of having not been seen.

Obviously, it is not completely different from my other work or art which has come before me – I don’t believe such a thing exists or should exist – continuity is also essential in order to see the newness and distinction.

Someone speaking in a completely foreign tongue would not be particularly interesting barring the shared body language we might have.

So I had particular fun with the weedy ground cover in the front and the greenish sky – and have never painted rudimentary cows before – no reason why – except it isn’t really my thing – but I saw them the other day – and a new challenge is often worth pursuing.

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