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Forgotten Sketch Shows Its Colors

Sunset Sketch - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2005

Sunset Sketchdigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2005

I had totally forgotten this painting – don’t remember creating it – don’t remember the evening it was inspired by – it had kind of slipped through the cracks.

This was a digital painting that had made it into the last round of pieces to go on the website end of 2005 – but didn’t get included. I went looking through all my original prints and came across this one and was quite taken with the way it looked so much like a tissue collage.

Perhaps a little too evenly balanced to be a really wonderful piece – it still has some magnificent qualities – the sun and clouds in particular and the texture in the vegetation on the horizon and the more detailed yet not exactly lettuce in the front.

I guess I do remember something – because it was romaine I was portraying but I would never have known that by just looking – it was a representation like most art – enough to evoke a feeling and a time but hopefully be its own original place to get lost inside.

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