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pushing the limits of matting and printing

Irrigation Man - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2006

Irrigation Mandigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2006

In the spirit of original – I have printed a version of this which framed is going to be 4ft by 5ft. At that size, it looks even more like pointillism than this detail .

Crazy me – I found a frame that size and knew I needed something that would look even enough in such dimensions and exciting that big. Despite knowing that the largest oversized matboard I could get measures 40 x 60in – 8 inches too small – I suspended my knowledge and had the image printed anyway.

Well – truth is I was pretty annoyed with myself because the best patch job would still look like a patch job. The enormity of the original print overshadows the seemliness of the pieced together matting but the challenge has also overshadowed any blogging this week.

In any event, this giant print is not just an original art print, but probably a one of a kind – it is more than I want to wrestle with ever again – too big for my workspace and just barely fitting in my wagon.

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