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Foothills Anywhere - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Foothills Anywheredigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

When I started this painting I was thinking somewhat of the article I had written yesterday and the featured digital painting.

I was thinking about the character of the foothills – not just the Santa Lucia’s but the Rockies as well. I worked on a farm in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado and the character and impression it made was quite similar.

I had fun with the colors and tried to work boldly and quickly – knowing that part of the results are contingent upon that.

But original like original art will always remain an illusive concept – because there so obviously isn’t any such thing. Even if one borrowed from no one other than oneself – art would still build upon itself.

In truth, we can’t even work in our own vacuum as we are our own audience as well.

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