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original flat racing witness

Flat Racing - original digital art -Dan Beck 2007 Flat Racingoriginal digital art -Dan Beck 2007

Always a good feeling to create a work of art which not only captures what you are trying to communicate, but feels like it is original art – particularly in the sense of standing apart from other peoples’ work.

Not sure which day, yesterday or the day before, that I saw the three workers running with their flats – not so much a competition since they clearly had not started running from the same place – but they were boogieing up the rows of berries. Don’t know if it was a pick and run event or just an impromptu breaking up the monotony of the day.

I don’t think I would personally last too long out there picking berries – long hours bent over picking – but this looked more like a fun race rather than the piece work shuffle. This was camaraderie not rushing to get paid.

I am glad I got to witness the strawberry flat racing – it lifted my spirits too.

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