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Three Way Figure 2 -original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Three Way Figure 2original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Don’t know if I left anyone in suspence or not – but here is the second of three digital paintings – done together with divergent paths.

When I started the piece I started with the background – and got to a point where it needed some additional color – I filled using different gradients but liked three choices and decided this time not to decide.

Putting off the decision and taking three different paths simultaneously was a fun way of working – an excercise I may or may not repeat. But it doesn’t matter – what is important is the exploration of different ways of working – different ways of keeping things fresh – and in my case different ways of creating original digital paintings and accompanying original art and original prints.

As I keep saying original art has multiple meanings – I see my art as a way to push our understanding.

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