Original Distinctions

archetypal, fresh, world of its own – intentional multiple prints

Salinas Valley 1

Salinas Valley 1digital painting – original prints – Dan Beck 2003

Much of my current writing focus is about the distinctions of original art. Though this is not all that recent of a piece, I felt and still feel that I hit an original note or interpretation when I created this digital painting.

I had never treated the row crops in such a fashion and had never treated the undulating crisscrossing fields in such a fashion. It is geometric, openly computeristic, but playful, childlike and strong.

It is its own world – but it also conjures up the Salinas Valley. There is nowhere else I have been which has this feeling. It is special because it does that – but perhaps too fantastical to those who have not been here.

Nevertheless, it was original at the time – remains original as the archetype – and each of its art prints is original.

For a long time, it was also the first image one would see on the Outhouse Studios website and therefore remains in the above header banner.

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