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Strawberry Alley - digital art print - Dan Beck 2007

Strawberry Alleydigital art print – Dan Beck 2007

It is kind of typical of me to be somewhat contrary. So to feature a simulated art print from a digital painting which I have already recently featured – makes total sense for a new category called “Original Art“.

I am really not that big on praising my own work. To say I like something I have done is one thing – but a claim of complete originality would be preposterous.

However, I believe my work to generally be my style – I also know I am not the only one who sees this. It is always intended to be mine and always intended to be original.

Because the work I am featuring at Outhouse Studios is created as a digital image – every print created is an original – probably not a one of a kind but the way it was intended and a first generation original print.

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