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original digital art – pigment prints

Colorized Vison - digital painting - Dan Beck Black and White Vision - digital painting - Dan Beck

Original Article Black & White Vision

Original Article Colorized Vision

I find I can’t help mocking the whole concept of original art. This is obviously the same digital painting – but one has color and one doesn’t. In this case, the color wasn’t removed but added – yet they are both original.

They are also both original creations by the artist – separate files and master images. Each print is also an original because that is how they were intended – to be printed. I wouldn’t dream of hanging a monitor and it doesn’t look as good as printed at the right size.

But here again is the rub – digital doesn’t necessarily have a right size and the prints don’t have a right term. Art prints sound too much like a reproduction – giclee does as well. Pigment print I saw recently at the de Young – and as much as I like that term – it doesn’t have the power of etching or lithograph.

New mediums use a different language to create and perhaps communicate, but also require a new language to be accepted.

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