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Three Way Figure 3 -original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Three Way Figure 3original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

This is the last of three digital paintings. Each one was done while working on the others once they diverged into three. As I was doing them, I was certain I would end up liking this one more than one or two, but at this point I am less sure.

In any event, it was the first time I had ever seen any one using a small sickle and it struck me enough to do such a figure – how it developed into three I have discussed elsewhere.

What I think I am having the most fun with is the fact that not only is each digital painting original, but each art print is also original art. I like tweaking our understanding.

Nothing is completely original – in truth every print is slightly unique even – paper and ink don’t always mix the same. But like all the work I do in this medium – the art is intended to be printed in multiples and is the way it is intended to be viewed … as original prints.

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