First of Three Originals

originality and sameness

Three Way Figure 1 -original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Three Way Figure 1original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Once again I shall try to defy the common sense meanings of original art and continue to demonstrate that there is more to original than one might originally think.

The above piece is one of three digital paintings. Each started with a very similar background – but I chose to fill in the emptiness in three different ways – deciding that all three were good and I would treat each piece fairly differently from there.

The figure is also mostly the same in each digital painting – but differs slightly in how I chose to fix some problems with the original figure and how I chose to embellish.

Each of of these three pieces is original – digital – intentionally much the same – but each of the prints is an original print.

Therefore – even in its sameness – it is all original – but then again – I think it is!

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