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revealing real and refined

Sunset Over Artichokes 1 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Sunset Over Artichokes 1original digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

How original can art be when it so clearly comes from another painting or rather is a continuation of another digital painting?

My focus on original art is many sided. First off – I want to differentiate myself from the pack. Is it unusual to want to be different? – of course not. Is it unusual to actually be? – definitely.

I don’t like associating myself with digital art or even digital painting – though it is my medium. If you have come here looking for what most people look for in digital art – you have come to the wrong place.

The focus of my work is portraying a direct impression – no photo – just glimpse and memory – direct yet processed by my understanding – no bones about it. Seeing is a part of the process – the art itself becomes a part of the process.

The above piece was more how it looked that evening – more developed and more because I had more to say. But did I improve upon it? I am not sure – perhaps when enlarged more – the work is more satisfying – but I am not sure.

Either way – the art prints are originals – either way – they are more painterly than digital – either way – they speak to a world both real and refined.

The beauty of a sunset to me is undeniable – my efforts are about conjuring not imitating.

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