Comparing Originals

we have to ask which is better

Quick Study 2Quick Study 0
Quick Study 0 Quick Study 2

The second painting contains all of the first but is built upon – in essence, these are the same digital painting – but I saved one and stopped and continued working on the other.

I like them both – although as in most cases I tend to lean towards one version over another. Being from the same place makes them more in competition than even otherwise.

It has been drilled into to us – that there is one right answer to most problems – one best way – one best work etc. – it is built into our grading system in schools – we rank and compare. I think this is also why we tend to think of original art as being one of a kind.

Truth is there are many solutions to problems – many different ways of getting to the same place – many different ways of doing – and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

If we didn’t know these were the same digital painting to start with – would we compare so hard?

If we truly saw each other as individuals …

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  • Outstanding Doctoral Mentors: John Holloway – I skimmed this article – but thought it pertinent – because it points out how important creativity is in science. The creativity has to be nurtured in graduate school because it is drilled out of us – this doctoral mentor realizes how important and necessary it is

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