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Furrowed Field - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Furrowed Fielddigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

When I started adding the patterned colors in the dirt – the green, red, and blue; the contours of the dirt flattened out a little – but I liked the digital painting more and found the addition a nice addition to the enjoyment of creating the painting.

The furrowed field in question did just start getting irrigated and I did see two workers in yellow slickers with wrenches cranking on the water.

There was no posing and no pretense of a world in scale -but hopefully fun nevertheless. The figures do seem a bit cartoon-like to me and the representation of water – I have certainly done a few times.

Since to me, one of the key aspects of creating original art is communicating one’s unique perspective – this piece works. It is neither completely new or completely redone. The prints are always original and always as intended by the artist.

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