Bright Colors Define Art

blurring lines of distinction

Fishies - digital painting - poster art prints - Dan Beck 2000

Fishies – digital painting – poster art prints – Dan Beck 2000

Is there a distinction between fine art and poster art? – between serious representation and caricature?

I can see a difference between my earliest digital paintings and my more recent ones. The first ones were bright playful colors with no pretence of trying to capture the feeling of someplace real – rather they were a place of their own though inspired by something seen.

There is a brilliance which fish have which can’t be captured – the above rendition is not from vision not from reality so much as from imagination and colors of the medium.

I imagine it more of a poster than a work of framed original art – but I never want to lose that sense of play – I want the lines blurred – I want my work to be low brow – high brow – no brow.

We need categories to make sense of our world – but after doing so we need to be able to not categorize in order to see.

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