When Art Can’t Fail

Mediums Which Always Have Good Results

Symbolic Language 6 - digital painting & art prints - Dan Beck 2007Symbolic Language 6digital painting & art prints – Dan Beck 2007

Not particularly related to the above digital painting, but noteworthy to me – today is the day my family always celebrated my parents’ birthdays – actually a three day celebration with birthdays on the 9th and 11th of March.

Neither of my parents is still alive, but I for one am very glad to have known them – in addition to the most obvious reason.

The painting above came from the concept of art where you can’t fail. In many mediums, this feels true. I did some silk painting over the last year and found that to be so as with batik in other years. I also used to mask areas of a painting and then unveil at the end and that also seemed that way.

An art teacher or motivator looks for that kind of exercise where everyone feels success. The piece above was created without any freehand drawing – just the shape fill tools, box sections and manipulations – never done that before – don’t know if I will again.

But it felt like a no lose proposition.

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