Vertical Revisited

jazz painting revisited


Vertcal Jazz - digital painting -Dan Beck 2006

Vertical Jazzdigital painting /art prints – Dan Beck -2006

Having strategically placing this piece in the new blog banner, I thought I would feature it again.

It was included for two reasons. First, I happen to feel like this is a strong piece – it reads well and is fun. There is the sense of flying sticks and it has the energy of music itself. And even small it is understandable.

Second, I wanted it to be obvious that this is also a site for music – it has not been the main focus but as I record more and get the podcast thing down – I anticipate this site becoming a fun place to listen as well as view.

In the course of my own developing creativity, I have found that art and music play off each other – and I in turn off them.

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  • Can’t Stand Still – not all that jazzy but it does have some improvisation and it seemed right to put up a track – even if it can be found on the website – a taste of 1danband

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