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Strawberry Alley - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Strawberry Alleydigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Down the road from me is a view – that has been catching my eye since I first saw it seven years ago. It changes through the seasons but always has these overlapping hills through a small window through the eucalyptus trees.

Whether it is plowed and furrowed or actually producing berries – I am drawn to it. For whatever reason – perhaps a matter of the right timing I have not chosen to paint it up until now.

Perhaps I wasn’t ready – a difficult view to give justice to – but I am happy with this rendition. I am finding that this image is translating the kind of pleasure I feel when I look at the actual scene.

I added a couple of extra hills here and the eucalyptus is kind of bamboo like – and so perhaps it is more of a “strawberry fields forever” than the alley that it is.

No matter – I find this to be a very pleasing digital painting and am looking forward to seeing a large art print for a more optimum effect.

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