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symbols underneath and choosing one’s ending

Symbolic Language 2 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007
Symbolic Language 2digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

So this piece like its predecessor is an abstract work built upon some mystical symbols found by opening a computer cache in a program that didn’t deciper it correctly – at least I think.

But I really liked the symbols and I copied and pasted them into a painting document – with having some fun in mind. Above is where this particular piece was first finished – I had an afterthought to add some texture – which I did – something one couldn’t do with oil painting for instance.

It almost feels unfair to prefer the first finished version above – if it were another medium I would have had no choice. But different rules apply to digital painting and its art prints – and though I think it incredibly important to maintain some limits – this is not one I’ve agreed to.

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