Symbols Lead to Abstract Art

converting indecipherable language into art

Symbolic Language 1 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Symbolic Language 1digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Small, it looks like a madras material – I think I’ve had a few shirts like that over the years. If you look at it fuller sized if you didn’t already click on the image, you will see symbols underneath the colors.

I went searching in the browser cache to see if I could retrieve an article which got lost/destroyed. I was not able to find it, but I did open something in a plain text editor which revealed these really interesting sideways, upside down, mirror imaged – what to me are nonsensical but beautiful symbols.

I don’t know if it is decipherable – and I am not sure I care, but I couldn’t resist copying and pasting to make the backdrop for a few abstract pieces …

I have been sadly lacking on my abstract art work these days.

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