Solving the Wrong Problem

technology’s quirks yield frustration’s art

Palette Crap - digital painting - art prints - Dan Beck 2007

Palette Crapdigital painting – art prints – Dan Beck 2007

As a result of upgrading my Mac’s operating system to something more fashionably late, my painting program has new and improved quirks. This seems to be the norm for technology – as I think about all the various pieces of equipment (not restricted to computers) that have such little quirks – even the locks on my car – rather mechanical – but still.

So the above digital painting was born somewhat out of frustration – it was about being able to build new texture/colors and save the palettes. In my attempts to not have the program crash, I tried removing all sorts or things – getting it to work and systematically putting them back until it failed again.

But as the way with logic sometimes – my successes did not have to do with my interventions but something different I cannot see.

But I was able to have fun scribbling and did save some new palettes finding out if I saved the piece first I had a much better chance of success – and at least a couple of fun new digital paintings and accompanying art prints.

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