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Break Line Hoe - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Break Line Hoedigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

I am pretty sure that I took this digital painting for granted shortly after I had completed it. Perhaps it was because I had done so many worker in the field paintings at the time. Perhaps I found it too overwhelmingly one color – but today I really like it.

One thing I had overlooked or forgotten are the two high tension wire towers in the fog – they have always reminded me of robots or animated characters. Interesting – in that the people with hoes look very comic strip today – blank faces – undefined figures – but I am sure that was their distance more than my interpretation – but I am not immune to overlooking humanity sometimes either.

What is interesting is that the distant wire towers are what is giving this piece so much depth – the broccoli field in the background could just as easily be the ocean – except for those high tension wires.

I keep imagining these people whistling while they work – I think the line they made was like an animation even though it was real – and that was why I painted it. I remember it was a drive by moment – but their line as though hustling for a break was what struck me.

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