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Air Hoe 1 - digital painting 4 original art prints - Dan Beck 2007

Air Hoe 1 – digital painting 4 original art prints – Dan Beck 2007

This was the first of three Air Hoe images which used the same figure. I changed my template to accommodate my new printing dimensions better. I have done some upgrades to my painting computer and have improved color in print outs where I didn’t think it was possible, but must print now with larger margins – so I am rethinking how I will offer these digital paintings as art prints.

I accidentally created this figure in the old sized template – so I copied and pasted into three different paintings that were on the new sized template. This is not the way I normally work – but that is part of the fun of it.

Digital opens up lots of new possibilities – some of course good – some less. Setting limits, and creating and changing the rules as I good is also part of the fun.

This particular piece, like the second was influenced by an exhibit at SFMOMA which I saw a few days prior to this painting.

Despite that, it is my twist.

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