Playing the Field

after seven years observing, I have finally seen the air hoe

Air Hoe 3 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Air Hoe 3digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

There will be art prints available for the above piece – but I am in the process of rethinking how I want to offer these. So be patient or not, and I will figure it out.

Almost a month ago I featured a new digital painting. At the time I commented that I would explain the posture of the last figure at a later date. It was not consciously trying to recreate what I had seen, but when I sketched in the figure, I saw I had included a figure a lot like the above.

I will say – that I actually saw a field worker playing his hoe momentarily like a guitar. Since I didn’t hear any music, I assumed it was not plugged in and he was playing the air hoe.

For reasons I will not explain here, I used the same figure in three different digital paintings – proving once again – that I have no issue with breaking my own rules.

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