Painting By Any Other Name

transcending the confines of canvas stereotypes

Sky Over Mountains - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Sky Over Mountainsdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

I wrote a page for my website in which I go into detail about what digital painting is and how it differs and is in many ways the same as other types of painting.

Much of my focus was in pointing out the painterly similarities. Composition, color, and form as well as a clean canvas to start with are all the same. The above is a good example, because it too is much the same as traditional painting in its gradations and intensity of color – but it differs as well in the way lines and texture are created.

To me the computer connections and origins are rather apparent. I am not out to hide the nature of these works, but I am more concerned with what they are trying to communicate than the language of digital or even the language of art.

Feeling and beauty are meant to transcend technique and for that matter transcend the art – their success is not something which can luckily or easily be measured.

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