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color, texture – bumps, bends and growth

Hillside Spin 2 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Hillside Spin 2digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Thought I would revisit this piece. When I wrote about it last week, all I discussed was the new technique and how much fun or too much fun I had.

But in truth, I think the digital painting is quite pleasing. It is not that representative of my work in general, but so what. I like the playfulness. I like the bumps and bends my eye takes looking at it.

The color I was able to impart is also fun to look out – there is tremendous texture and this was intended to be a double print – so to get a better sense of what it would look like printed – I captured a section at the right size.

Art is always about process and growth

I used to always say “the more we live the more we die” – an odd paradox, but true. Today I think of youth and growth and that perhaps we are not dying as long as we are growing.

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