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Typical Mountain Color -digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Typical Mountain Colordigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Well yes – this really isn’t typical mountain color – but is more a case of saving a piece with a title before knowing exactly where it is going.

The mountains are beautiful here and they have this look and feeling which I try to communicate frequently. They change a lot, but there is always this wonderful patchwork of color.

When I started painting this piece – I was drinking out of a pseudo Van Gogh mug. I approached the painting with more abandon and colors than I might normally – it felt like the right thing to do.

The figures came in to play because 1) I wasn’t done painting, 2) I felt it would make the piece more interesting (colorful), and 3) because I caught two men resting on their hoes recently (even though these are shovels) – something I don’t normally see.

The third figure seemed necessary with the rest of the composition. His posture will be discussed at another time.

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  • Field of Hoes – how could I not think of this piece – a number of people have said it looks like a band of musicians out in that field – plus original art prints are set up for purchase
  • Van Gogh – an interesting take on his use of color – with imbued meanings throughout – perhaps even more credit than the spontaneous style we can all see – but such a lovely image to make the discussion come together

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