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Air Hoe 2- digital painting - Dan Beck 2007
Air Hoe 2digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

If you look at the posting from a few days ago – you will see that the air hoe figure is basically the same. This was the second of three Air Hoe pieces – all using the same figure and each coming from a different direction or place.

The weekend prior to doing these pieces, I had the opportunity to visit the SFMOMA – and saw a show of American artists and how they related with Picasso and also the de Young Museum. As with most things I take in – I do it best when not trying.

In any event, it was obvious from my first two pieces in this threesome of digital paintings that I was influenced by what I had seen. This is not my typical style of painting.

I think perhaps the power of the third piece is that I went more with what I have been working on. I like the above work a lot, but it is not a direction that I will probably be going into – it is more of an unconscious reaction.

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  • Charles Sheeler – google results – note images – there was work of his at SFMOMA and an exhibit at the de Young – he worked from black and white photos he had taken and added his own color.

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