Impression of the Glowing Sky

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Glowing Sky - digital painting - Dan Beck 2005

Glowing Skydigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2005

I just finished a painting with a sunset – but am not ready to share it on the internet – haven’t even printed it for myself yet. But I had a quick opportunity to write and I thought of this digital painting.

I love the colors of this piece – the angles – the glow of the clouds and sky – the way the mountains almost float themselves – begging the question are the clouds moving or the mountains or is everything still?

This is an incredibly fragile moment as anyone and everyone who has ever seen a sunset can attest. Deciding the moment and look I wanted to capture that evening was probably as much of a challenge as painting.

I don’t paint from photos – nothing adamant here – just don’t want to – it is about capturing the memory – capturing the impression the particular moment leaves – and giving that impression back.

As always (and forgive me here), I hope I have not given the wrong impression.

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