Impression, Color, and Valley

drive by landscape – fields, sky, and texture

Valley Colors - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Valley Colorsdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

There is a spot which this is loosely based on – I drive by it fairly regularly and it has a good view of the valley extending to the Santa Lucia Mountains and Mount Toro.

Like a lot of my work, it is more of a drive by impression – I saw color, and a few barns or houses, a few trees – but mostly the colors of sky and fields.

This is not a piece which knocked me over when I was finished – I wasn’t really sure about it – but there are many things I like: the short field growth in the front, the way the cloud twists like a ribbon, and the beautiful texture in the green field.

My eyes and mind move around the landscape well – so I guess I did ok.

Like all but a couple of my pieces – I started with a blank page and painted and created the digital painting by the strokes of a mouse.

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  • From the ground up – an image of the Salinas Valley brought me to this site – good article about small organic growing in the area and the group ALBA

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