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Momentarily Captured

Sunset Over Artichokes - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Sunset Over Artichokesdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Above is my most recent digital painting – on my way home that evening I happened to take the route through the artichoke fields and glimpsed this sight.

It was fleeting – the color, the depth, the folding hills – some from reality, some from memory – but the portrayal worked.

I have shied away from doing artichokes – more jagged and painstaking a subject than I really want to get into – I generally find them other worldly. But in the light of the sunset – they were warm rows – less defined and calling my name.

And I knew I must paint what I had seen –

After one sitting I stopped here – because I really liked it – I worked on it more the next day as you will see later – but I think I captured more of what I wanted in that first sitting alone.

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