Coloring the Sky

painting a scene one’s own

Sky Over Mountains - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Sky Over Mountainsdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

No it doesn’t look like this and yes it does look like this. A couple of days ago when the sun was setting I glimpsed the most magnificent sky over the mountains – I couldn’t really position myself correctly to see it fully, but I know…

The sky was streaked with pink. Portions of the clouds were incredibly bright white; and a blue sky was still apparent in places. I didn’t make this up, I just made it my own.

Like when a musician takes another person’s song and takes it to his own place; it is my goal as an artist to take a scene or portion of a scene and give a feeling and twist that only I would give it.

I am very pleased with this latest digital painting – hope it works for you too.

Happy Birthday

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