Black and White Constructs

shades of grey and relative color

Black & White Days

Black & White Daysenlarge – Digital Painting / Art Prints – 2006

I guess if I can talk about the typical color around here and show a painting with a flourish of color – which is both here and not seen, I can just as easily move to a piece that was intentionally done in black and white.

Color is relative – meaning the colors adjacent change the color one is looking at – both the power and trouble with colored matting. Black and white for most of us is more a construct of our understanding – black and white thinking – doesn’t really allow for all the shades of grey.

However, there is something really powerful in just black and white – the world is simplified and bold. I suppose its simplicity also helps us to appreciate how complex and rich a world with color really is.

Having said all this – it is rather obvious that above has many shades of grey.

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