Art Before the Cart

CD art before recording – digital art before purchasable prints

Red Eye Recordings - cover art - Dan Beck 2007

Red Eye Recordingscover art – Dan Beck 2007

I like the phrase art before the cart – just like I enjoyed art cart rather than shopping cart.

I am hoping to record some of my music from the last year or so. I came up with the concept above for a CD because my eyes got infected and I felt well enough to play guitar and sing – and even felt quite inside the music.

I was also concerned about using my eyes too much – though obviously not so concerned that I didn’t do the art work first. So naturally – I have a cover without the recorded content. Well I have recorded one piece – to be shared another day.

The other aspect to this phrase “Art Before the Cart” is that there will always be new pieces of digital art on this site – visible but not set up for purchase – it is the way it is – despite my best intentions.

Expectations of impulsive got to have an art print of that digital painting having seen it once on the internet are not really mine – but please don’t hesitate to write if something strikes your fancy – just email or comment below.

Just thought it should be said…

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Art Before the Cart – in the interest of saving my eyes – I did a google search for this phrase (in quotes) – only been used once. At least I am in good company.

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