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On Site 1 - digital art - laptop finger painting - Dan Beck 2007

On Site 1 – digital art – laptop finger painting – Dan Beck 2007

This is a sketch – on site – still working out the bugs for plein air – where to sit – place the computer – have enough shade? etc.

In some ways embarrassingly, this was done from the passenger’s seat of my car – it was dark enough to see the screen and the wheel wasn’t in the way – so sketching what I saw in 30 to 40 minutes prior to an appointment.

Like a lot of my recent work, this was an exercise – not a bad thing – just trying to get a feel for painting with a laptop and using my fingers instead of a mouse. I subsequently took this piece and worked on it in my normal fashion – sketched turned to fully textured and more developed digital painting– but what a challenge to actually make the digital art better.

This captured what I saw – in a way that couldn’t be done at a later time. I am trying to understand the differences and possibilities here.

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