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Break Your Own Rules

Simple Line Figure 2Simple Line Figure 4Simple Line Figure 6Simple Line Figure 8

The figures from the line drawing exercise were a departure from my more typical work – it was supposed to be something different and fun.

I opted to go two different directions of digital painting at the same time – completing levels 1 and 2, than 3 and 4, until I made it to 7 and 8 where I decided to quit.

As I have already indicated, I think the best way for someone to learn how to do is by doing – coaching aside – one still needs to do. And although all mediums have their intrinsic limitations, most of the limits are the rules we impose upon ourselves – necessary- but changeable as time goes on – for instance, trying to be accepting of the term digital art instead of focusing on the differences.

As of this moment, the only thing I have to add to my own written in 2004 – tips on being creative is this final lesson – Don’t be afraid to break your own rules!

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