Digital Art Tutorial 3

reiterating: results are in the doing

Simple Line Figure 7

This is not my normal style of digital painting, but I suppose it is not that far removed. I have no qualms about using color – and the intent of painting from a simple line drawing was mostly an exercise – an exercise in approaching painting in a different way.

Just like taking a class – exercises can be valuable. Just as the definition of digital art is rather wide open so are its limits. Many programs allow one to remove something unwanted that was many steps back – programs like photoshop and illustrator which use layers for instance. Even without that, one could save unlimited versions of a piece so that one might not go down the wrong road.

The problem with any of these approaches is that – it is important to hold on to process when one paints – if one doesn’t get that meditative, get lost in the painting – what good is it?

Lesson 3 is about utilizing rules and limits – to have freedom to create inside and create necessity for trying things in new ways.

See Also

  • Original Art-chives – page shows development of technique and how technique is not really what determines whether a finished work has appeal or not
  • Photoshop Layers Tutorial – you will notice this explains well – but until you do it yourself you probably won’t get it. My personal experience was being shown, but not remembering until I essentially figured it out on my own.

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