Digital Art Tutorial 2

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So if it isn’t obvious – this is a continuation of yesterday’s article. And like the lesson before, I will probably give very little technical advice. For even if one is committed to a certain computer painting program, the learning is mostly in the doing.

The first digital art panel above is tinted in color from the previous pane. Not all digital painting programs have this capability – very useful – some use adjustable opacity and that is even more controlled.

The color which follows is done using a freehand tool in Appleworks, which few use these days – and as far as I have seen – no equivalent exists in photoshop, illustrator or other programs I have touched upon.

Lesson 2 – learn to use what you have – use help menu-pop-up descriptions and utmost – don’t be afraid to experiment. All programs have advantages and limitations, there are always work-arounds and ways of doing things which may not have been thought of by the authors themselves. It needs to become your medium – explore it and develop it.

I believe the reason kids get around the new technology so well is that they don’t have the fear of losing all their work or their computers like most of the rest of us.

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