spread the feeling


We all know that we’re connected
But we haven’t spread the word
If together we were facing
We’d have all the money in the world

The problems we see – the fights that aren’t right
The struggles – the hunger – the various plights
The torture of people for no real clear gain
The righteous indignation held on to for shame

There’s more than enough food
There’s more than one way
Each has a part in this marvelous game
We can’t have a fight when no one fights back
That saying I remember from my childhood back
“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”


It seems so damned obvious we are fighting ourselves
The anger we’re feeling is coming from us
We all can feel pleasure
We all can feel pain
Reflection – Projection
It’s all the same

If I could connect with all the friends I’ve known
Their friends and their friends
We’d circle the globe

The power we seek has long been inside
If we weren’t conscious beings we wouldn’t be alive
Positive energy can always combine
Why couldn’t we all just simply align?

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