What Can Only Be Seen Close, What Can Only Be Seen From Far

portrait orientation requires larger degree of back and forth – small and large

Mound 2 Mountain - digital painting / art print - Dan Beck 2006

Mound 2 Mountaindigital painting / art prints -Dan Beck 2006

I painted this piece yesterday, I am pretty pleased with it. There is a crazy amount of texture in it – which you can only see when viewed large. But I think it has a nice feeling and flow even viewed small.

Creating a piece that is portrait orientation is a lot harder for me. Monitors are wider than taller and to see the entire piece, I have to work at about 45% of the actual size,

This means there is a lot of back and forth between working with a small canvas and working on a small section closer to full size.

But I think that is actually one of the reasons I chose to work in this orientation yesterday – I wanted that kind of challenge – and I wanted a few more pieces with that upright twist.

For art prints of the above digital painting, please email: specialorders@outhousestudios.net.

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