Wading through Fields

approaching digital painting figures first

Window View - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Window Viewdigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

I was very happy with this digital painting – I knew it from the start. I approached this computer art in a different way and was successful.

It always feels good to try something a new a way and have it succeed. I think there are many ways to get somewhere good.

I start pieces in different ways – gradients vs patterns vs simple sketch. But for the most part when figures have been involved, they are brought in after the background.

This time, I created the figures first. I had just looked out the window and I didn’t want to lose what I had seen. Fortunately, they way the workers appeared to be wading in the field probably made this work that much better.

The rows aren’t all that deep, but with everyone bent over, the strawberry harvesters all look ensconced.

For art prints of the above digital painting, please email specialorders@outhousestudios.net.

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