Unique Digital Art Prints

texture, color, and quality of ink are unique to these art form

Two Pick - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Two Pick – digital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

This like many of my more recent works fills the 13×19″ watercolor page. It looks complete at that size, but should also enlarge nicely beyond that.

Apart from the two figures and the story behind them is this incredible texture found though out the digital painting. Computer art has such a wide range and can be painterly to futuristic.

I am almost always thrilled after printing one of my digital art images. There is this quality to the color and texture which is fluid like a watercolor, but rich more like acrylic or oil paint.

This is really a unique arena. It is a shame that the only way to see these in person, is to see them in a show or buy one. I suppose that is no different than a painting vs online, but until you see how these look printed – there is no real frame of reference.

For art prints of the above digital painting, please email specialorders@outhousestudios.net.

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