The Art of the Print

How the eye moves and sees disparities are behind the art

Compressed View - digital painting for art prints

Compressed ViewEnlarge – Digital Painting 2006

Yesterday I wrote about the various printing size options the above piece and others of similar origin size have available.

Today – because I really happen to love this piece I thought I would write a little about the art itself. For the finest printing can’t make something which is mediocre good.

When I view this piece my eye moves – it meanders back up into the clouds, wanders over to the selectively sunlit hills, passes into the blue sky – working its way around the trees and then back down again.

I found this quote at the end of a web-posted paper

"I have also noticed two people ‘madly’ in love ‘cannot keep their eyes off each other,’ and there is considerable eye movement.

This leads me to wonder if what makes an object ‘beautiful’ is neither the object nor the subject per se, but rather the relationship between subject and object expressed as eye movements."

What I saw the day that made this impression was wider – was impossible to fit onto a page – but held the dark mountains and ominous clouds in one hand and the hope of green and sunlight in the other.  

As an artist I love such disparities. As a human being I love that there is such a fine line between gloom and glorious.

If interested in purchasing an original print of the above piece – please email and reference title "Compressed View".

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