Printing After Painting

digital medium and image size give art print gratification

Pickin Start - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Pickin’ Start – digital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

This is the most recently finished digital painting I have. It is formatted to be wide and fit a 13×19″ watercolor paper with next to no margin.

Most of my recent work has these pixel dimensions. After having done a series which was intended to be large only – I found the work to be a little unfulfilling.

Like most people I want some immediate gratification. It is unusual in itself to require a painting to be printed before being complete. But since those are the rules of the digital medium – it is definitely nicer to be able to print it directly after completing it and not have it look too small for the paper it is printed on.

The above piece – although improved at a larger size – works well at 13×19″ too. If you are interested in an original art print of this piece or any others on the blogsite, please send inquiries to

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