Minimalist Jazz

Less abstract vertical jazz landscape in a portrait setting best viewed large

Vertical Jazz - digital painting and art prints - 2006 - Dan Beck

Vertical Jazzdigital painting – Dan Beck -2006

This is a new piece. I created as a possible piece for a show – which may or may not happen. But that is neither here nor there.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist saying that – it was too much fun.

Anyway, I felt I needed to do an abstract jazz piece with a different orientation – portrait rather than landscape. In my mind, I immediately saw this sax extending down the page.

And I imagined stark – sax, drums – bass maybe, maybe not – reminiscent of Ornette Coleman or perhaps Eric Dolphy.

I created a new template – so that this likely could be enlarged up to 28×36″ comfortably – but definitely look sharp at a 24×30″ size framing.

How many pixels determines how big the piece can go – but also how small. Digital painting and printing options are quite open but not without limitations – there are optimum sizes for all pieces.

Since “Vertical Jazz” is a new piece – you will have to email to order an original art print.

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