Flying Sticks, Dropped Deadline

jazz painting – better heard, not seen

Vertical Jazz - digital painting and art prints - 2006 - Dan Beck

Vertical Jazzdigital painting /art prints – Dan Beck -2006

I had intended on entering this piece in a local competition for jazz art that is going on this week in an anticipation of the Monterey Jazz Festival.

But I didn’t pay close attention to the date it needed to be dropped off and such is life – another missed deadline – and another "what if" I don’t need to really trouble myself over. It wasn’t really that important or I would have made certain. 

But – since I can’t share it in Seaside – I figured I would post it again today and maybe share it that way.  And perhaps some other time in a different show – I will set it up to be seen…

or better yet heard.

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