Final Fennel Frenzy

more original impression – poles, harvest, and light

Fennel Field & Sky 2- digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Fennel Field & Sky 2 – digital painting / art prints – DB 2006

Above is the final version of this digital painting. The first two should be below. This is more of the scene that I saw the morning that inspired me to do the piece.

I was never sure I wanted to include the fennel harvest, but it was pretty cool that morning. It looked like bulbs were flying everywhere – a fennel frenzy if you will – licorice in the air.

I also tinted the whole piece to give it more of the morning light feeling and to make sure it was different enough. I have been leaning towards keeping the colors brighter these days.

But the tinting does pull the whole piece together in a way that is quite profound. And the telephone poles look like the field was planted right up to them – a wonderful bit of perception.

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