Digital Painting Recreates Feeling

creating what can’t be recreated … but with feeling

Foothills Terrain - digital painting - Dan Beck 2006

Foothills Terraindigital painting – Dan Beck 2006

The thing about this art print which strikes me the most – is how it pulls me in. I find the hills and mountains to have both the depth and warmth that they have in person.

I can’t say that the image or its prints is impeccable – that is not for me to say – but I know if makes me feel like I want to reach out and hug those hills and mountains – and that is what I feel when I am in the Santa Lucia Foothills.

This is a place which always blows my mind – I am always stunned by its beauty – I cannot copy or recreate such beauty – and I don’t believe any artist can – what I can do in a digital painting or at least try to do – is paint what it feels like for me to be in the scene.

I feel successful in this venture, but this is not a particularly trafficked area – and I suspect does not look like it even exists.

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