Digital Painting and hang-able Art Prints

Absence of color yields original work; Process yields original art prints

Black & White Days

Black & White Daysenlarge – Digital Painting – 2006

It has been raining a lot here. It feels like somewhere else. But in the presence of so much rain, it is often quite noticeable how absent the color is.

I remember associations with the grey days of winter, but winter here in Salinas is generally quite nice with a bit of rain mixed in – which works its way across the country to become snow storms (not grey).

But here looking at the mountains looking up through the trees – seeing the clouds – it is in black and white.

The art at Outhouse Studios is painted on the computer by using a mouse, it is stored digitally and it is then printed onto fine watercolor paper using archival pigment inks. The resulting art prints are a step up from what’s on the monitor. There is something about being on a hang-able medium that makes an image come to life.

Typically, a print of this type (giclee) would come from a digitized image(photo or scan) of a painting and then printed on to fine paper or canvas. The beauty of creating prints from digital painting is that it is direct – it is as intended – and there is no hang-able anything more original than the prints.

If interested in purchasing an original print of "Black & White Days" please email and reference the title and size. 

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